Melanie N. Roe Attorney At LawWhen I speak with my jurors, I often begin with an ice-breaking question such as whether anyone present believes the term “criminal defense attorney” is a redundancy in terms. Usually, the question is met with laughter largely due to stereotypical depiction of my chosen profession in literature and movies. The ice breaks and I begin to discuss with/educate them on the study of criminal law, in essence, their constitutional rights. Jurors begin to understand the importance of my role in the courtroom. In discussing their own constitutional rights: the right to a jury of one’s peers , the right to present a defense, the right to testify, or not testify in your own case, the right to subpoena witnesses and the right to confront one’s accuser, jurors understand criminal defense on a personal level, an important level. In understanding their own rights, jurors are more inclined to honor the rights of others, including those of the accused. They see the importance of the role a defense attorney plays, and it is a noble one.

But this is not just confined to a criminal trial, time and again a good defense attorney will find herself asserting the constitutional rights of her client throughout all stages of a criminal proceeding. Knowledge of the law, evidence and criminal procedure are a must in gaining ground against the prosecution of the accused because so much is at stake.






Dynamite Attorney who truly cared about our case.

Attorney Melanie Roe was highly recommended to us as a Defense Atty. Our Son was charged with a violent felony. We found Ms. Roe to be caring and compassionate, while at the same time, an expert in the law. We were truly in awe at what a commanding presence she was in the Court room. She is very professional, thorough, confident and well respected by her colleagues. She truly examined our Sons case and determined the proper strategy. We were more than satisfied with the outcome. We would definitely use her services again.

Judy, a Violent Crime client, 3 months ago.