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You can’t beat a rap unless you fight your case. It won’t go away. Understanding your rights is just half the battle, hiring the right attorney to assert them is the other half. Websites and flashy ads appear to give lawyers a veneer of authenticity. Beware: it may just be a veneer. You need to meet the attorney before making your decision to hire. I will make time to meet with you at your convenience and discuss how we will win your case. Call Me today!

Knowledge of the law, evidence and criminal procedure are a must in gaining ground against the prosecution of the accused because so much is at stake.

From My Clients ….

Judy, a Violent Crime client, 3 months ago.

Dynamite Attorney who truly cared about our case.

Attorney Melanie Roe was highly recommended to us as a Defense Atty. Our Son was charged with a violent felony. We found Ms. Roe to be caring and compassionate, while at the same time, an expert in the law. We were truly in awe at what a commanding presence she was in the Court room. She is very professional, thorough, confident and well respected by her colleagues. She truly examined our Sons case and determined the proper strategy. We were more than satisfied with the outcome. We would definitely use her services again.


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