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When the police are called during a domestic dispute in Riverside County, an arrest almost always results. If you are accused of any unwanted physical contact or breaking property, that is enough evidence for an arrest to be made. Since the police will normally take the side of the person who called the police, it is easy to feel like you are guilty until proven innocent. Most domestic violence (DV) arrests are unfair and are based on either exaggerations or false accusations made during the heat of the moment. What actually happened is normally very different from what is in the police report, especially when alcohol is involved. Regardless of what did or didn’t happen, you deserve the best possible defense.

Types of Domestic Violence Charges

If there are allegations of unwanted physical contact, Domestic Assault charges are normally filed. If there are accusations of damaged property, Malicious Mischief or Destruction of Property charges will usually be filed.

In Riverside County, court orders preventing communication with the accuser are normally issued after an arrest. These orders are very easy to violate and can cause considerable hardship. A violation of a No Contact Order is an additional criminal charge.


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The LAST thing you need right now, is for some lawyer to denigrate you. Melanie Roe is not this type of lawyer. She will support you, defend you and help you at every turn. She will not abandon you. She will explain your legal rights to you and LISTEN to you. For this reason, there is only one person you should contact to handle your DUI, Attorney Melanie Roe.

From My Clients …

Jenica, a DUI client, almost 2 years ago

I can finally move on with my life with no dui charges on my record what a blessing

After being arrested for a DUI and given a refusal I lost my license for a whole year and knew that I was innocent and I knew I didn’t want this on my record especially because I am going to school for criminal justice and it would just be hard to find a job in this field. Melanie was referred to me by another lawyer in Los Angeles and he said that the Melanie’s firm was the best in Riverside county and I cant tell you how right that he was. Melanie was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was doing and how she was going to do this. Essentially I wanted to take my case to trial because I knew I was innocent and I knew melanie could prove this, however I knew going to trial was going to take alot of time out of school and work so Melanie was able to find a better solution and get me a plea bargain that I was very satisfied with. I went from having a Dui refusal to pleading guilty to a dry wreckless and she got the dui erased from my record completely. I had to pay $320 in total in fines and I washed my hands of the whole thing. It really felt great having an attorney with so much knowledge and confidence in herself and in her client. I now have a chance to move on with my life school and put all of this behind me. Thank you so much, Melanie. You and your firm kept your word and fought for me the way you said that you would and thats a quality you dont find very often these days.