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Without question, a “sex case” is perhaps more stigmatic than any other case that could possibly be given to a jury. “Stigmatic” in that the very sound of the charges, whether they be rape, sodomy, child molestation, etc., often cause even fair-minded people to shutter at the suggestion that the accused allegedly committed such deeds. It is not uncommon for prospective jurors to claim fairness, impartiality, objectivity until, that is, the allegations of sexual assault are read to them. When that occurs, gasps fill the air, eyes shift downward as the jurors’ glances begin to scan the courtroom until their selected target is reached, the defendant and his/her defense attorney. It is at this moment the judge will ask the defense attorney to first begin jury selection, and it is at this moment she must secure from each juror their promise to be fair to the accused, to remind them that what they have heard, is a mere allegation, that allegations are not facts, just accusations, that claims of sexual abuse/assault are easily made, rarely verifiable and rarely investigated. She must do so with command and credibility. And it is only with courtroom experience, can she do so.

Attorney Melanie Roe has the requisite courtroom experience to handle any sex matter with the command and credibility needed to reverse the stigma of such claims.

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